The following is a draft section of a new book to be published later this year, Morpheus speaks: The Book of Dreams” (RJ Cole, 2018).


Insight: Being possessed is an archetype itself (symbolic meaning that is found across all cultures). Many years ago people would employ priests or even lay mediums to exorcise an individual’s devil that has “possessed” them. But even now the old version of the primitive possessor demon lives within an unexplored psychic phenomena and acts out behaviors that are contrary to a person’s best interest. One only needs to look at how many so-called fearful “conservatives” will vote for the very issues and people who only mean them harm, directly or indirectly, to see the truth of that statement. All too often when we deny our complexes, our demons so to speak, we become possessed by them, we allow another force and energy to take over our lives.

possession: when feeling possessed in a dream, that something else is in control and that you are feeling out of control and helpless. If it’s a dream about your possessions then it may be a dream about your self-worth or your identity. It could also be about your materialistic nature or a comment on societies obsession with having things. Perhaps you need to let go? Are you being too possessive of someone?

Insight: Carl Jung suggested that we are a species carried away or possessed by our unconscious mind and that these unexplored parts of ourselves are at the root of our neuroses and complexes (a core pattern of emotions ordered around a common theme such as power or status).

Our shadow aspects or demons will cause all kinds of mischief in our lives until we deal with them directly.

We all have our dark side and left unexplored it can create complexes and we all have complexes. We damage ourselves when we claim that we have no complexes because they are the very things that determine our psychological view of the world. Left unattended to they can quite literally take over the whole personality.

When we allow ourselves to be possessed by our unexamined unconscious we can quite literally become a marionette to our darker side.


Representation of demonic possession


devil/demon: Can represent our struggle with our basic urges, that which pulls us down. The dragon can also represent this struggle. The devil can represent our fears, negative aspects and limitations though it can also represent cunning, cleverness and deception. If the devil is talking to you might be worried that certain temptations are becoming hard to resist. If you’re friendly perhaps you are talking yourself or allowing someone to talk you into something that you really don’t want to do. Dealing with the devil or a demon in any way may reflect your need to deal with an issue of morality.

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